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Civil Works

With our experienced workforce and commitment to giving a professional service to the highest standard, DW Utility Services has a significant amount of repeat business in conducting both major and minor works around the country, including:-

• Water mains repairs006

• Sewer repairs

• Ducting

• Sewer and manhole construction

• Groundworks

• Footpaths & Roadways reconstruction

Some of our civil works clients are:-

LowFlo – water control and leak detection. DW Utility Services carry out all civil engineering repair works throughout Ireland, including works requiring large plant and machinery.

DynoRod – we provide heavy civil engineering works to repair sewer lines and manholes. We also install grease traps for industrial and commercial users.

Irish Water – DW Utility Services are contracted to maintain and repair the water mains throughout Cork County.

Cork County Council – we have been contracted here since 2007 on various civil works including:

• Giving a 2hr response time service on burst water mains repairs.

• Foul and storm water repairs, maintenance and new installation works across the county.

• Water treatment plant and reservoir upgrade works

• Isolated pump station upgrade and extension works

• Footway renewal works on behalf of the Non-National Roads Department.

Sierra – Contractor on UPC civil works in the South of Ireland. Through Sierra, DW Utility Services installed the Coke Zero Bike Schemes in Cork City and Limerick City. Our work with Sierra includes:-

IMG_3798• Ducting

• Chamber construction

• Cabinet erection

• Rod and roping works for cable crews

• All associated reinstatement works for a clean finish.

We work very closely with local authorities and An Gardaí to ensure any works we doing are carried out at times suitable to members of the public, causing the minimum of disruption.

All works of DW Utility Services are carried out to the highest standards meeting health and safety requirements and industry regulations.

If you need a reliable utilities company who completes a project to spec, on time – contact DW Utilities for a quote today!

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