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The service areas covered by DW Utility Services Ltd include contracts for private clients, including Property Developers and Utility Providers, alongside Government Bodies like County Councils, Town Councils and Health Authorities. We carry out civil works, and provide an emergency response service along with contracted works, to utility providers like ESB Networks and UPC through our Sierra contracts. We also carry out a variety of property maintenance services to clients, to offer you the complete package.

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Cork County Council – we have been contracted here since 2007 on various civil works including:-

• A 2 hour emergency response service on the water network and sewer network.
• Maintenance on the water network throughout Zone 2.
• Foul and storm water repairs, maintenance and new installation works across the county.
• Water treatment plant and reservoir upgrade works.
• Isolated pump station upgrade and extension works.
• Footway renewal works on behalf of the Non-National Roads Department.

ESB Networks – DW have been carrying out works on behalf of ESB Networks since 2009 including:-

• Providing a 2 hour emergency response service throughout the county on this project.
• Trenching, ducting and providing attendances on ESB Network jointers.
• Shuttering and concrete works for the construction of new sub-station plinths.
• Open excavation works within sub-stations and all associated works to facilitate same.
• Construction of bunded plinths, interface stations.
• Undergrounding of services where conflict exists with other service providers.

IMG_2447ESB Networks project operate under the highest safety and quality standards set in the country and at DW Utility Services Ltd. we pride ourselves in meeting these standards on a daily basis.

Sierra – Contractor on UPC civil works in the South of Ireland. Through Sierra, DW Utility Services have also installed the Coke Zero Bike Schemes in Cork City and Limerick City. Our work with Sierra includes:-

• Ducting
• Chamber construction
• Cabinet erection
• Rod and roping works for cable crews
• All associated reinstatement works for a clean finish.
• The complete installation of the Coke Zero Bike Scheme’s involving all excavation and finishing works.

Sierra have a very high standard for quality on all projects we undertake on their behalf with continuous auditing of quality, safety and finishing standards which we endeavour to meet on every project we carry out on their behalf.

Irish WaterDW Utility Services are contracted to maintain and repair the water mains throughout Cork County. These works include:-

• The re-setting of iron works and installation of new ironworks.
• Excavation of inspection pits.
• Connections of new pipework.
• Leak repair works.
• Installation of new valves.
• The provision of traffic management.

Mainline Group – The Cork Non-Domestic Water Meter Project O&M contract was awarded to the Mainline Group in 2008. DW Utility Services have been under contract to install water meters throughout County Cork as part of this project since 2007 during the D&B phase. We have installed meters of various sizes from 15mm to 200mm in all surface types. We also provide Mainline Group with a 2hr response service for emergency works throughout Cork County.

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