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Navy-base-011DW Utility Services began life in the telecommunications industry carrying out cabling and jointing of telecommunications cables. Ducting, chamber construction, rod & roping for cable crews are requirements of all utility service providers, and a service we can offer with confidence. We have a committed, experienced workforce and the right tools for the job with our extensive range of plant and machinery.

Utility Provider clients we work with include:-

ESB Networks – we provide small civil works and fault responsive works, offering a 2hr response time for emergency works in County Cork. DW Utility Services also carry out ducting, sub-station plinth construction, fault response works, reinstatement works and sub-station works within the confines of live 110KV stations to upgrade the station.

Irish WaterDW Utility Services are contracted for the repair and maintenance of water mains in County Cork.

Mainline Group – The Cork Non-Domestic Water Meter Project. DW Utility Services have been under contract to install water meters throughout County Cork as part of this project since 2007. We have installed meters of various sizes from 15mm to 200mm in all surface types. We also provide Mainline Group with a 2hr response service for emergency works throughout Cork County.

We work very closely with local authorities and An Gardaí to ensure any works we doing are carried out at times suitable to members of the public, causing the minimum of disruption.

All works of DW Utility Services are carried out to the highest standards meeting health and safety requirements and industry regulations.

If you need a reliable utilities company who completes a project to spec, on time – contact DW Utilities for a quote today!

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